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Activate Curiositystream on Samsung TV?

Does Curiosity Stream App Supports All Samsung Devices?

CuriosityStream is available on a variety of Samsung devices, with a primary concentration on Smart TVs. However, compatibility varies based on the brand and version of the operating system. Here’s a list of Samsung devices typically supported for the CuriosityStream app

1. Samsung Smart TVs (2016 and later).

2. Samsung Blu-ray Players.

3. Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets.

CuriosityStream on your smartphone can be activated through a service provider or by entering an activation code. Here’s a comparison of the two approaches to help you decide which is easiest.

Steps to Activate Curiosity Stream on Samsung TV:-

Activation Through Activation Code:-

1. Launch the CuriosityStream application on your smartphone.

2. When prompted, an activation code will appear on your television screen.

3. On a computer or mobile device, navigate to the activation page via

4. Enter the activation code seen on your television screen.

5. Log in to your CuriosityStream account if prompted.

6. Congratulations You’re All Set.

Activation Through Service Provider:-

1. If CuriosityStream is part of your service provider’s bundle (e.g., cable or internet), you may be able to log in using your service provider credentials.

2. Open the CuriosityStream app on your smartphone.

3. Choose the option to log in using your service provider.

4. Select your provider from the list and enter your provider’s account information. ( Flow, BTC, or Rev ).

5. Your’re All Set.


Unlock a world of fascinating documentaries and educational shows with CuriosityStream on your Samsung TV. CuriosityStream offers an unparalleled library of award-winning titles, from history and science to nature and technology. With just a few clicks, you can explore captivating topics that will ignite your curiosity and expand your knowledge. Stop settling for generic entertainment – upgrade your viewing experience and activate CuriosityStream on your Samsung TV today.

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