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How to activate curiosity stream on windows?

Curiosity Stream is available on the following platforms: any desktop, laptop, Mac, or PC with an operating system and web browser that are up to date.

Go to the page of your Curiosity Stream account. To complete the application process, enter your gift code in the gift code field and click “Apply Gift Code.” Fresh Users: Instead of inputting credit card information on the payment details page during the sign-up process, you will select “Gift Card” and follow the instructions.

Activate on windows?

Users Must Need To Download and Install Curiosity Stream App Before Streaming Once The Installation is Completed You Need To Crete An Account at or setup after the Account Setup  is completed you can activate By Using A Verification Code Displayed on Tv Screen Through from your computer or mobile phone and you will be all set free good to go and enjoy stream curiositystream on your Streaming Decvice

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